Friday, March 21, 2008

Past Carving Projects

Bassett - carved
on $ Store Eraser

Gingko carved on PZ Kut

Mental Illness
Carved on PZ Kut

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Emmett Kelly

I carved this Emmett Kelly for a good friend who
collects clowns, back in 1998. I used a wonderful
dollar store eraser that has since been discontinued.
The eraser itself is nearly 3/4" thick and of a very firm,
white vinyl material that carves like a dream. I still have
a few given to me by another good friend, but I am
hoarding those for a special occasion. Now I prefer
PZ Kut material as it is closest to this eraser in texture.
The only downside is that the PZ Kut is only about 1/4"
thick so I get my fingers messy more, but that's a price
I'll pay gladly!


This was done on a dollar store eraser in March 2000. Think Spring!